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Beauty Of Soul

Beauty of Soul

Rev. Swami Vivekanand said it beautifully that every soul has the potential to be divine. Taking a leaf out of this wisdom we can go a step further to say that every soul is fundamentally divine.Potenialy divine would mean one is to make efforts to make it divine where as if we say fundamentally divine then all one needs to do is be watchful so that the soul does not deviate from its pristine nature.

ill will, hatred and greed are the real causes of war, terrorism and corruption in our world. Imagine what a wonderful place this world will become if it is rid of these human vices. Should such a miracle happen the money now being siphoned off by the corrupt will be used for providing primary health care to billions of deprived children. No child will be orphaned nor women widowed by the explosions set off by terrorists. By the same taken, money spent on armament and terorist activities will go to improve the lot of the less-privileged.

We all know that no one at peace with oneself can do any wrong. If we analyse any such momnet when some one was hurt by our conduct we would always find an excuse that it was because of anger, greed, ego, ignorance or wrong perception.This again means that irrespective of the nature of the hurt it is never intentional. All wrongs are done because of anger, greed, lust, pride, hatred, ignorance or lack of wisdom ,which are certainly not consistent with the divine nature of  soul. Every action in the world is a result of some one’s perception based upon his knowledge and wisdom.

I shall cite an incident from my own life in support of my belief in the Beauty Of A Soul. In the year 2000, lawyers of Delhi went on a strike in protest against police assault on  some of their colleagues, which resulted in the suffering to the litigants, some of whom had to remain in  jail because there were no lawyers to plead for them. I felt that we were wrong to be on strike, and took a conscientious decision to oppose the strike.Most of my fellow-lawyers, who were angered by my views, criticised me roundly. But some time later the very same colleagues supported me in the election for the post of  secretary of the Supreme Court Bar Association ( India ) and helped me win hands down. It proves the theory of BEAUTY OF A SOUL.

We all are possessed with good thoughts most of the time and we also do deeds which we perceive as good according to our own training and evolvement. Even  the worst of human beings are not obsessed with evil thoughts all the time. Such people also do charitable work from time to time. This is evident when a person or a group of persons comes forward to do social service. At such times many people offer to do their bit to help advance their cause. This willingness to lend a helping hand is again a proof of the human soul’s divinity as also its beauty.

All negative feelings such as ill will, hatred, anger and pride, disturb mental balance and undermine the feeling of contentment which in turn result into actions like terrorism and corruption. once a person realises that no one is his enemy one would not bear ill will towards anybody. One would not feel hurt by harsh words spoken by someone because of his/her perception and evlovement. if one understands the theory of “Beauty Of Soul” and the theory of “Law of Impemanance” one would reflect upon the real purpose of life. One would feel contented, develop love and compassion for all fellow human beings. One would not think of terrorist actions and mindless acquistions.one would rather become aware of the impermanent nature of human life and all worldly objects. And once this truth sinks into our inner being we shall cease to thirst for money or power and bend all our energies towards the service of humanity.

One should always believe in the beauty of soul and as such feel blissful all the time. We shall do well to remember the following couplet of Kabir :: Sayin Itna Dijiye Ja Me Kutum Samay / Mai Bhi Bhookha Na Rahoon Sadhu Na Bhookha Jay. ( Lord ! Give me just enough for my own and my family’s keep so that neither we nor our guests go hungry.) All of us  must ponder what contribution we are making to our society and whether whatever we are doing is in consonance with truth and the beauty of soul. There are of course people like Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Narayan Murthy and Sridharan who are making solid contributions to make this world a better place but their number is minuscule, considering the scale of problems facing our world. If most of those occupying positions of power feel the Beauty Of A Soul in their bones and resolve to obey the call of their conscience our world will be transformed into a place where no one will go hungry or die for lack of medical care or suffer for lack of education.

Ashok Arora

Former Secretary Supreme Court Bar Association



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